A Social Initiative Committee

About Bhavisya

Bhavishya is the social initiative committee of IIM Lucknow run by a group of motivated students determined to make a difference to the world. We believe that action at the grass roots level by students such as us can bring about powerful change. Therefore, our aim is twofold:

  • To raise awareness about social issues in IIM Lucknow students, sensitize them, and energize them to take action
  • To actively engage in projects that directly benefit society.

Active in the domains of education, health, and women empowerment, we leverage the technical and managerial competency of students and the faculty to help the underprivileged. In the past there have been more than 6000 beneficiaries of the Bhavishya activities. Bhavishya conducts a variety of events and programs throughout the academic calendar. The events are so designed as to involve the entire student community and faculty in addressing the social causes. Flagship events like Paarijat, Disha, Evening School, Harmony Cup, Adult Literacy Campaign, Medical Camps and Community Visits have gained immense popularity over the years with extensive participation and allowed us to extend our support in various parts of the society in Lucknow. Besides these, events that are offshoots of the core programs are also conducted that promulgate the original cause to other campuses, thereby increasing in scale and scope.


Paarijat, an initiative of Bhavishya, aims to create a platform for those who want to make a contribution to society by sponsoring the education of a girl child. It is open to all IIM Lucknow alumni, their families and direct friends.

Prerna school is our Partner NGO. Prerna is a high school for under-privileged girls under Study Hall Education Foundation that provides quality education to over 600 girls from needy background.

Prerna was the winner of 6th Annual Global Citizen Awards UN Association – USA East Bay. It integrates activities such as dramatics, quizzes, creative writing, painting, dance, music, sports and yoga in the school curriculum, thus contributing to the all-round development of the children.

For more information about Prerna, please visit:


How can you contribute?

You can extend your support by financially supporting one-year education of a girl child.

You may donate one-year fees of INR 6000 for a girl from class 1st to 8th. You may donate this amount in a single installment OR two-installments (six-month payment cycle).

You may donate one-year fees of INR 9000 for a girl from class 9th and10th. You may donate this amount in a single installment OR two-installments (six-month payment cycle).

You may get the tax benefits against the donation you have made.


Disha is a Career Guidance Program for Pre-University Students of Government schools.

Currently we are associated with PBVM School, Gomti Nagar where sessions are conducted on Personality Development, Communication, Team Building, Competitive Exam Preparations & Computer Learning.

Bhavishya has tied up with an associate college, Jaipuria Institute ofManagement, to manage weekly activities. Students of IIML and JIM volunteer to take morning classes of these kids every week, where they focus more on strengthening the basic concepts of Mathematics, Science and English along with General Knowledge & General Awareness sessions.

We also conduct counselling sessions for these kids. These are group sessions as well as one-on-one sessions. This provides a platform where students can openly discuss about their hobbies and interests with the councilors and understand what all opportunities exist for them in future.

In addition to the regular weekly classes, annual workshops are organized every year. These workshops are organized each in IIML and JIM campuses. The workshops indulge students in various personality development activities. The motive behind conducting such workshops is to give these students an exposure of outside environment and the atmosphere of recognized universities and to motivate them for higher studies and a better future.

Disha - The Career Counseling and Guidance Program

Evening School

The objective of this initiative is to provide education via an evening school for under privileged children living in the neighboring villages around IIML campus. The motive behind this initiative is to inculcate in them a basic knowledge of English, Mathematics, Science and general awareness. IIML student volunteers dedicate time every week to enrich the learning experience for the children. This school accommodates the students of class 1st to 12th (all streams).